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Your impact

We’re all responsible for our planet's health. 

How you care for your garment accounts for 25% of its environmental impact.

What can you do to help?

Repair, Rewear and Resell 

Give your garment a new life, don't discard it over a few rips and tares. Get out a sewing needle and patch it up, or even create something new. When the time comes to say goodbye, recycle, resell or even better - donate your garment to another little one in need. 

green is clean

Look for greener garments that don't use plastic synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres contain microfibres that aren’t biodegradable. These plastics eventually end up in our ocean, travelling through the digestive systems of the animals we strive so hard to protect.

Spread the word

Hold brands accountable for their sustainable efforts. Tell your friends and family what you’ve learnt and how you are planning to change. But most importantly, tell your little ones - they’ll be inheriting the planet we leave behind.