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About Us:

Well about me really…  
My name’s Abeni, owner, designer, seamstress, accountant, order packer… I do everything really!
 I’m 23 years old and Project Panda is my baby, I came up with brand concept during my third year at university. Developing Project Panda became my Final Major Project and that’s really how it all started.
Inspired by the bright colours of the natural world and driven by a passion for conservation I became hooked on creating a brand that did more than just the usual.
Our unisex ranges are lovingly designed and handmade by me, offering comfy organic cotton styles with unique wildlife prints. Each product is accompanied by a fun ‘Cub’ card so all little cubs can learn about their favourite animals and get excited about saving and protecting them for future generations!
Project Panda now offers a core collection of key clothing and homeware pieces which include designs in our much-loved Panda and Sloth prints. Alongside this, there are four new seasonal collections available each year!
As a brand, we believe that parents, now more conscious than ever, look for so much more than the fast fashion, ‘clothes straight to your door’ trend. As such, I design Project Panda with sustainability in mind, every step of the way. I work diligently to ensure ethically-produced premium quality pieces. Our inks are baby-safe and our fabrics are organic and Oeko-Tex certified.
Conservation isn’t just for grown-ups. Teaching kids about our planet's other inhabitants and how to care for them sustainably is important for their understanding of the world. It is our goal to influence how they treat the world as adults.
Habits start young, through learning about conservation children can make an immediate impact. That impact, though, could have a ripple effect. Our vision is that through clothing the message of conservation will spread:  they may end up teaching their friends or even get their schools more interested in taking steps to operate more sustainably. Learning the basics may spark an interest that could lead to a hobby or even a possible career. Your child could be inspired to go on to help save endangered species!
I hope you love my brand as much as I do x